New New and Improved Academy Format Launching January 2023!!!

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What Are The Changes To The MDM Academy?

1. Rather than just 3 levels covering just the first four laws of life mission, we will now take you through ALL 7 laws with the opportunity to stay with us after graduation and continue to learn and lead alongside us! 

2. We are moving from a one time payment, to a subscription model that will allow us to continue to show up for you month after month for you as you are engaging with the content and the community. 

3. We have taken all the assignments listed in the workbook and put it all into the online platform, which you can access like an app on your phone. This will allow you to do the program anywhere you are at any time instead of needing to have your workbook in order to know the next step you need to take. We are including beautiful printable journal pages that you can use to capture all your thoughts and inspiration as you study each Law. 

The Academy Will STILL Include:

Study Skills

An incredible amount of content, specially vetted and structured to give you the best information you need as you walk this journey, including carefully curated reading selections, video lessons, LIVE IT! activities, thought and discussion questions, and dozens of bonus materials.


Monthly Live Group Mentoring Sessions with Audrey to answer your questions and help you dig deeper into the content.


Access to the MDM private community where you can connect with other women on their MDM journey, and connect with MDM mentors for support and encouragement!