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Do you struggle with persistent problems you don’t know how to solve? Wish you could find the balance between quality mothers and your own wants and needs? Long to reach your potential without leaving your family behind? Worry about raising children in a declining and confusing culture

Then join the hundreds of women in The MDM Academy who have solved their problems permanently, show up with optimism and energy for their families, and are learning to cut through the noise of this confusing world, all while becoming servant leaders

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Dozens of VIDEO LESSONS throughout every law, with Audiofiles and Slidedecks which allow you to watch or listen to uplifting presentations on the go.

Beautiful printable JOURNAL PAGES where you can capture all your thoughts and insights. Inspiring printable MINI-POSTERS to hang up, reminding you of key truths.

24/7 Access to the MDM Academy PRIVATE COMMUNITY of moms and mentors for discussion, support, and encouragement.

Monthly LIVE Online GROUP MENTORING Sessions with MDM Academy creator Audrey Rindlisbacher.

PRINCIPLES LISTS that anchor your learning and applications to make them effective and lasting.

Powerful "LIVE IT!" ACTIVITIES that enable you to appropriately apply the principles you learn to your unique circumstances.

Dozens of BONUS MATERIALS including Readings, Videos, and Resources to enrich your understanding of the principles.

Carefully Curated READING SELECTIONS from the authors, genres, and time periods which best exemplify and teach the principles.

Recorded DISCUSSIONS and WORKSHOPS with certified MDM Mentors teaching you key concepts and helping you move through the content with more clarity and inspiration.

WORKSHEETS including Tools for Group Discussion, Learning Schedules, and Cheatsheets that make it easy to pace your learning and discuss it with family and friends.

Dozens of Thought and Discussion QUESTIONS, and Mentor PROMPTS that get you thinking more deeply and fully about the principles and how to apply them.

Clearly Demonstrated LEARNING SKILLS that empower you to capture your most important insights and gain much more from the MDM Academy materials.

You Also Get FULL Lifetime Access to the Following:

FREE Gift #1: ($399 value)

Mothers of Vision Masterclass

In this Mothers of Vision Masterclass, you’ll find a clear, manageable, empowering process laid out which you can utilize immediately to begin implementing the principles and practices of vision in your daily life. Using inspiring stories, a vision walk, journaling exercises, an online test, empowering questions, and a fill-in-blank Action Plan, you’ll have everything you need to create a clear vision for yourself and you’ll know every step you need to take to make it a reality!

13 videos with over 5+ hours of training

Full Colored Printable Workbook

List of 10 Principles of Vision that you can begin applying now

Printable "fill in the blank" Action Plan

4 Tendencies Cheat sheet

Full Vision Walk experience

FREE Gift #2: ($69 value)

Mini-Training: Begin Discovering Your Uniqueness!

Ben Carson said, “It’s my belief that God gives us all gifts, special abilities that we have the privilege of developing to help us serve Him and humanity. “

You are UNIQUE! By starting a journey to learn all the awesome things about yourself that you may not know, and then work to develop those gifts, you’ll begin to experience not only a deeper love and respect for yourself, but a greater capacity to serve others in fulfilling ways. This brings increased joy to you, blesses the world, and glorifies God. 

FREE Gift #3: ($69 value)

Mini-Training: Begin Rejuvenating Yourself!

As women and mothers, it feels like there’s never enough time for us! Yet, when we begin to understand the principles of self-care and the essential nature of meeting our needs, everything begins to shift. We begin to see HOW we could start showing up for ourselves and our families at our best–and isn’t that what we all want most?

In this mini-training you will learn about REAL self-care and why it’s so vital to make your highest priority. 

FREE Gift #4: ($69 value)

Mini-Training: Begin Working Toward Life Mission!

Max Lucado said, “When you magnify your Maker with your strengths, when your contribution enriches God’s reputation, your days grow suddenly sweet.”

This is the joy of life mission! You discover and develop your strengths and talents, and He calls you to work that blesses your life and the lives of those around you. But it can be so confusing to know where to begin. In this mini-training, that’s just what you’ll do–begin at the beginning with tools to help you start walking the path of a mission driven life. 

FREE Gift #5: ($39 value)

How To Mark A Book Video Training

With 2,700 NEW BOOKS being published every day it can feel impossible to know not only what to read, but how to make your reading so effective that you can read a book once and get the most of it! This video training is here to help! 

Audrey shares the very BEST ideas, methods, and strategies she has learned, created, and practiced on her own over many years. Packed with so many ideas, this will be a training you return to over and over again as you learn to suck the essence from every book you spend your precious time reading!

FREE BONUS Gift #6: ($99 value)

Character Building Reading Program: Family Work

As a mother, Audrey wanted a way to increase her family’s desire for love and work! She wanted them to; understand that work is a gift and important source of personal fulfillment, learn principles of work, engage in conversation around work, and most of all to grow their character in such a way that they were not only hard workers, but smart ones, who actively engaged in life and embraced the work it requires. This program is the fruit of those desires!

Includes: a principles list, suggestions, activities, readings, enrichments, and discussion questions.