After several years of pondering and studying the lives of great individuals, she uncovered a pattern – a set of laws and principles – consistently lived and modeled by them.

She wrote about this pattern she titled “The 7 Laws of Life Mission” in The Mission Driven Life, using stories from the lives of the ten Boom family to exemplify the principles.

Most importantly she learned that…

The 7 Laws of Life Mission

In her studies, Audrey also saw that the 7 Laws proceeded in a logical order, and that they could be divided into two phases – 4 Foundational Laws and 3 Leadership Laws.


Law 1: “Love God: Establish Your Divine Center”

You have an understanding of the nature of God, His love for you and His desire to work with you. You have spent time in your central classic or scripture and can draw on it’s wisdom in time of need. You have a thriving relationship with God and know how to receive direction from Him. You are willing to put His will above your own, regardless of the cost.

Law 2: “Love Yourself: Strive for Self-Mastery”

You draw your value from God and nowhere else and therefore see yourself as worthy of love, care and consideration. You discipline yourself as you would anyone you love, kindly and patiently, while staying committed to personal growth. You ensure that your needs are consistently met to guard against breakdown. You embark on the adventure of self-discovery, looking forward to all the wonderful things you’ll learn about yourself throughout your lifetime. You also actively develop the gifts you’ve already found.

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Law 3: “Love Truth: Align Your Life with Principles”

You have a conviction that God governs this world through natural laws and principles. You understand the nature of principles and can identify them wherever they are found—regardless of who is delivering the information, how they are delivering it or the form in which it is being delivered. You are a devoted truth-seeker who endeavors to find and live according to true principles. You teach principles in your home and work toward the application of principles in every area of your life.

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Law 4: “Love Humanity: Become a Servant Leader”

You have a basic understanding of the true history of humanity because you utilize original sources rather than leaning on the learning of others. You are familiar with the current conditions of the world, and the worldviews and world religions which dominate it. You love learning from the greats and seek to emulate their example. You have tools for lifelong learning and know how to discern between sources that will build you and others, and those that won’t. You are committed to finding ways to build bridges through principles and bring God’s love to all His children.


Law 5: “Hear the Call: Obtain a Clear Vision of Where You Can Serve”

There are two ways in which mission driven individuals hear the call to mission. For some, clarity comes on its own. As a result of living the Foundational Laws, you may be confident in your next steps, knowing what you need to do. Or, you may find mission is a more active process. You proceed by asking the Lord, letting Him know you’re willing and waiting for Him to show you. Both lead to hearing a call to serve God’s children using your specific gifts and strengths.

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Law 6: Courageously Execute: Apply Principled Solutions to Real World Problems”

Like an oak in a storm, deepening its roots to withstand harder times, courageous execution of your mission call is always accompanied by obstacles and hardships. The Lord has bigger things in mind for you and he needs you to be stronger than you are. This is your opportunity to return to the Foundational Laws and push your roots deeper into the soil proving to God and yourself that you’re going to give it your all. This is when you discover that you have a greater ability to love and to lead than you ever expected!

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Law 7: “Do It Again: And Again and Again”

Mission driven men and women don’t stop with just one call. When they see another opportunity to serve, when they see another group that needs to hear their message, or when they know that God is calling them to love someone else, they answer. They expand the work they’re already involved in or start new projects. In this way, their capacity, outreach and influence expand for the good. They keep hearing and answering the calls, again and again and again.

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“Our mission is to convey God’s love.” ~Mother Teresa 

Near the beginning of the German occupation of Holland during WWII, Corrie ten Boom, a 50-year-old spinster, was visiting Jewish friends. In the middle of their discussion, the children called from upstairs for their father to put them to bed. He quickly excused himself, and Corrie could hear their romping play and laughter.

As she listened, reflecting on the deep love that was present in their home, a realization suddenly struck her with intense force—this family was in grave danger. More and more frequently Jews were going missing from their homes and jobs, but now she awoke to the fact that this family, her dear friends, could be next. At any moment the Gestapo could knock on this door, raid the house, and separate the family forever…


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