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About The Book

Why do some people achieve immense positive impact in the world while so many of us struggle to figure out who we are and how we can make a difference?

Is there something that these great leaders have in common?

What can their lives teach us about how to find our own path to a meaningful, mission driven life?

These were questions author Audrey Rindlisbacher pondered and studied for many years. Eventually, she uncovered a consistent pattern exemplified by truly great men and women.

In The Mission Driven Life, she shares the fruits of her research and lays out a formula, based upon true principles, that teaches the 7 Laws of Life Mission and how we can all learn and live them.

What’s Inside


Audrey’s Journey to Life Mission

The 7 Laws of Life Mission Overview


Law 1: Love God

Law 2: Love Yourself

Law 3: Love Truth

Law 4: Love Humanity


Law 5: Hear the Call

Law 6: Courageously Execute

Law 7: Do It Again


Leave a Legacy

Meet the Author

Audrey Rindlisbacher is a mother of six who is passionate about motherhood, principles, self-education and life mission. Her path has led her through hundreds of the greatest works ever written, onto stages all over the country and into dozens of classrooms where she has shared the tools for principle-centered lifelong learning which lead to the discovery of life mission. Audrey has a classical liberal arts Bachelor’s Degree and a Master of Arts in Education.

In her book, The Mission Driven Life, Audrey expounds on the laws she discovered through the study of dozens of great men and women. As Audrey endlessly pursues her personal life mission, she continues to transform the lives of many who are finding their own paths to self-improvement and principle-centered living. To learn more about her, please visit www.audreyrindlisbacher.com.

Who is The Mission Driven Life for?

Moms and Dads

Parents who are weary from the daily grind but long to create a meaningful, mission driven life for themselves and their family

Teens, Young Adults, and College Students

Young people who want to discover and fulfill their unique contribution as they start to make their mark on the world


Men and women who yearn to develop a deeper love for themselves, for God and for humanity

Empty Nesters and Retirees

Those who want to live their life without regret and leave a lasting legacy of purpose and positivity

Anyone looking for purpose and principles

Anyone who wants to uncover a formula, true principles and laws to bettering themselves, their family and their community

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What Readers Are Saying

I loved that The Mission Driven Life was almost outlaid as a formula. I’m a logical thinker and sometimes “Find your mission! Do what you are called to do!” feels very whimsy and undefined. Great for some but not as definite and black and white as I like. With this, I felt like I had a defined path to follow to put me headed in the right direction for fulfilling my mission, even if I didn’t have it all figured out yet.

—Jenni Breeden Montague

I have just finished The Mission Driven Life, and I loved it! It is meeting a need I have felt brewing in me for the last year. Thank you for being in the place you needed to be in to do this! I’ve shared it with many others and look forward to learning more from you.

—Heather Knight

I have been studying the book The Mission Driven Life and it has made a huge difference for me. I had gotten through law one and two when I went to visit my daughter who is struggling with postpartum anxiety. It has caused her to be very hard on herself. I shared the part about loving God and self. I left the book with her and she began to read. A few days later she asked her sisters and me for ways that she can work on her relationship with God!

—Mary Ann Johnson


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