Intro to Worldviews, Pt. 2: 10 Areas of Reference

“Every worldview requires a healthy amount of faith to believe it, because no one has all the evidence yet.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

Now that you have been introduced to what worldviews are and why they matter (Intro to Worldviews, pt. 1), it’s time to learn how to begin evaluating them. In this podcast Audrey shares 10 areas where all worldviews attempt to answer the fundamental questions of life and provide answers to how people ought to live.

Using this 10 areas, Audrey then compares two hugely influential worldviews: Biblical Christianity and Secular Humanism. Join her as she deconstructs them and shows how they have impacted our government, educational systems, and moral values.

Listener’s Guide:

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1:48       Why Study Worldviews
3:24       What is a Worldview

5:35       10 Areas of Reference
6:25       Theology-Philosophy
13:22     Ethics-Biology-Psychology-    
15:01      Sociology-Law-Politics
18:40     Economics-History
25:16     Terms and Comparisons of Worldviews
36:53     Following the Logical Path of a WorldView
41:08     The Individual vs The Family
43:42     Equality vs Sameness
45:10     The Lens of Evolution   

Quotes from this episode:

“A worldview is the lens through which we see the world.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

“Worldviews answer important questions – where do I come from, why am I on earth, what is the role of human beings, what happens when I die, how should we respond to each other, how do we care for the earth, what kind of society should we have, what should the government look like, etc.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

“There are dominant, overarching worldviews, but each individual creates their own worldview.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

“A worldview informs your decisions.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

“Worldviews seem to have a common goal – To achieve the best human society possible.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

“Sometimes we see people as radical, but they are just following the logical path of where their worldview takes them.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

“Every worldview requires a healthy amount of faith to believe and sustain. Each individual goes out and looks for evidence that sustains and upholds their worldview.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

“Truth seekers look for where the evidence doesn’t fit, is flawed, or doesn’t make sense.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

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