Meet Our Team: Lindsey Wright

Meet Lindsey Wright, board member and Director of Marketing at The Mission Driven Mom. Join Audrey Rindlisbacher as she chats with Lindsey about her home life, moments of self-discovery and balancing the demands of family and mission.  You’ll hear Lindsey’s inspiring vision and encouragement for moms.

“I would like the moms to know that this is hard, but it is so worth it and you can do it!  [Be] patient with yourself – it will change your life, it will change your family, it will change your neighborhood!  Knowledge of principles makes change possible.  I’ve been able to make so many changes in my life because I’ve learned the principle.” ~Lindsey Wright

Listener’s Guide:

Use the time stamps below to skip to any part of the podcast. 

1:15 Meet Lindsey Wright
2:36  The power of vision
4:24  Balancing life’s demands and self-care
12:55  Empowered by The Mission Driven Mom
14:44  Lindsey’s self-discovery moment
17:35  How weaknesses can become strengths
20:32  Lindsey’s vision for MDM
23:06 The power of principles
27:00  Lindsey’s thoughts for moms

Quotes from this episode:

“For MDM, the thing that I get excited about is thinking of other moms doing the same thing in their homes and getting…satisfaction and feelings of  purpose and empowerment for themselves and then teaching their kids…” ~Lindsey Wright

“One of the things I love about principles is that they create permanent solutions because they’re true.  If you know that principle, then you can create that solution that matches with that principle, you’ve solved the problem.” ~Lindsey Wright  

“I see these [MDM] communities and they start really small and get bigger and bigger… and then our influence in society grows and we have more people reading the great books, more people that are seeing the principles, and knowing how to think deeply about things and how to understand things and have taken the personal responsibility to put their lives in order and I just see that spreading…and just having a tremendous amount of influence.” ~Lindsey Wright

For me principles provide a way to see clearly, so if I can think deeply enough about the things that I’m reading or watching or just learning and find the principle or the truth…Once you understand the principle, you can’t not understand it.  You can’t un-see it. It’s there and you have this marker and you can say I’m either on this side of it or this side of it or I’m in line with it.  And so it just provides clarity so you can take an issue or a problem in your home, your family, your personal life, maybe your neighborhood or society, and it just helps you to see what the right answer is because you know what the truth is….Principles provide clarity, they empower.” ~Lindsey Wright