Meet Our Team: Tracie Hyde

Meet Tracie Hyde, board member and Director of Events at The Mission Driven Mom.  Join Audrey Rindlisbacher as Tracie shares with Audrey her experiences in the Middle East and what she learned from insightful mothers there.  You’ll hear Tracie share her search for purpose in education, how after wandering in the educational desert for years, she realized principles are the key to connecting education with life mission.

“[I joined The Mission Driven Mom] to help other moms find [their mission path]… I want women to find this path because I know it can open their eyes, deepen their joys and increase the good fruit in their lives.” ~Tracie Hyde

Listener’s Guide:

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2:00  Meet Tracie Hyde
4:09  Tracie’s experiences in the Middle East
11:52  An educational quest
14:20 Tracie’s journey with principles
20:49  Why Tracie decided to get involved with MDM
22:49  Experiences with self-discovery
26:42  What Tracie is most excited about with MDM

Quotes from this episode:

“I know how powerful this is if moms find [the mission path], then they’ll be able to help their children find it so their children are going into their adult years on this path …and that they’ll  be able to make better decisions for their future if they are mission minded from the beginning and if they know how to seek it.” ~Tracie Hyde

“I think a lot of us think, “I’ll just have the call, I’ll be inspired someday to do something great.” But it doesn’t work that way.We need to find our gifts, we need to hone them, we need to study things out.  We need to prepare ourselves for it, but I think often times we don’t know how to prepare and we’re stuck.” ~Tracie Hyde

We just started working on the MDM Celebration that will be held this fall.  I’m just really excited to get mothers together.  I’m excited to have them discover principles…and the mission path and get excited about getting on it.  I think these events in the future will be a really great way for women to connect.” ~Tracie Hyde