Mission Driven Moms: Gayle Ruzicka

“It always comes back to the family.” ~Gayle Ruzicka

As a young girl, Gayle’s parents forced her to go to church, even though they didn’t attend themselves. This caused her to look inward–to forge her own relationship with God and determine the belief system that would guide her through life. She clung to Christianity, and its moral principles became the foundation upon which she built her life and her home. 

A mother of 12, devoted homeschooler and political activist, Gayle took her children EVERYWHERE with her! They sat countless times in the state capital, learning about what government is, why it matters and how it works. These experiences proved to deepen her family’s faith in, and understanding of, eternal principles that govern all areas of life–including government. 

Listen this week to her experiences in the 7 Laws of Life Mission–learning to love God, herself, truth and humanity. And hear about the amazing difference her mission driven life has made in her home, her community, her state and her country!

Listener’s Guide:

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1:47        Gayle Ruzicka’s  Childhood
3:00       Parents & Politics
6:43        Religion

8:58        Choosing a Relationship with God
11:42      Education
14:47     Women Have Choices
16:25      Life Long Learning/Books
20:58      Political Involvement
24:23      Eagle Forum
31:19      President of Eagle Forum
33:25      Homeschool, Activism, & Governmental Principles
38:00     Your Stand Out Experience
41:19      It Comes Back to the Family
45:15      What Are You Reading Now
47:59      Principles & the Proper Role of Government
51:52      The Emergency Powers of Government
58:59     Were You Ever Afraid?
1:00:24  What’s One Thing Can We Do Now?
1:02:02  How Can We Get Involved?

Quotes from this episode:

“Never put politics before people.” ~Gayle Ruzicka

“Women have more choices than men. Have you ever noticed that?” ~Gayle Ruzicka

“I learned everything I learned [about government involvement] by being an easel.” ~Gayle Ruzicka

“OK, I can die. My kids are there for each other.” ~Gayle Ruzicka

“It always comes back to the family.” ~Gayle Ruzicka

“With liberty comes responsibility.” ~Gayle Ruzicka

“We had founders who gave up their lives to give us liberty. Now we are afraid of dying so we are giving up our liberty.” ~Gayle Ruzicka

“If people are governing themselves you won’t have to send the police to see if they are sneaking out the back door or standing too close to a neighbor.” ~Gayle Ruzicka

“We have got to replace fear with faith. That’s what it’s all about.” ~Gayle Ruzicka   

“Those people who gave us this freedom did the hard work. We only have to keep it.” ~Gayle Ruzicka

“It’s not that fear is wrong but you need to deal with it and replace it with faith.” ~Gayle Ruzicka 

“Fear drives you to your knees so you can exercise faith and remain humble.” ~Gayle Ruzicka

“I don’t love politics but I do love freedom.” ~Gayle Ruzicka 

“The beating down of faith has repercussions on liberty.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

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