The Rest of Her Story: Sharidean Flint

“I feel the sustaining presence of the Savior and a deep sense of calm.” ~Sharidean Flint

One year ago, my sister was healthy and happy —as a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, friend, neighbor, and community leader.  If you were part of our community then you probably watched or listened to an interview I did with her about her childhood, motherhood, and path to becoming the first woman mayor of Hyde Park city. We discussed her challenges, hardships, and the difficulties she’d overcome in her life. I also made sure to highlight how she lived the 7 Laws of Life Mission and the way in which they prepared her to become an amazing source of love and inspiration to those around her. 

Since our interview, Sharidean had continued to do all the good of which she was capable, serving others in her fun-loving way. Then, at the end of January, intense migraines began. Within two weeks she had brain surgery and was diagnosed with glioblastoma.

Almost from the moment she was diagnosed I felt that I needed to share with you what I saw, heard, and experienced, so that, along with her family, friends, and community, you could be lifted by the legacy she has left.

This podcast is the rest of her story.

(P.S. When I went in to create the image for the podcast, I was going to post a picture of us together or of her with her family. But then I visited her Facebook page and noticed that I hadn’t seen her newest profile picture. I’ve used that picture here. The image and words are what she created — a powerful, faithful message which demonstrates all she stood for.)

Listener’s Guide:

Use the time stamps below to skip to any part of the podcast. 

1:20 – MDM Updates
6:30 – Sharidean Update
15:39 – Sharidean’s fear is replaced with profound peace
29:30 – Love between Sharidean & her husband Kevin
31:13 – Outpouring of love from the community 
38:47 – Sharidean’s letter to the city

Quotes from this episode:

“She went through a lot of really hard things in her life. And she used those hard things to drive her faith deeper.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

“I feel the sustaining presence of the Savior and a deep sense of calm. I feel His love and your love.”  ~Sharidean Flint

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