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Is life mission real? Because the answer to this question is the catalyst for everything else, it’s naturally followed by other questions like: Do your children have a life mission? Do you?

As you consider the answers to these questions, perhaps yours is a resounding YES! Or perhaps, like many others, you’re not quite sure. Or maybe you just hope the answer is yes. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know the answer today. But you do need to do something about the question!

Because if the answer turns out to be yes; if life mission and it’s 7 laws really are a legitimate path that many follow–one which leads to greater fulfillment and joy than any other–then it’s up to you to find out more. Your children need you to lead the way. They need to see life mission in action. It needs to become real in their eyes and in their life as they watch their mom catch the vision, pay the price and lead a mission driven life herself.

Most importantly, though, if life mission really is a true calling from God, and you don’t pursue it, you may be missing out on the greatest adventure of your life!

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First I had one child, and then two children and then three children.  As they started to get older, my oldest was approaching five, it was time to think about education and schooling for him. I needed to decide what we were going to do. I looked into a bunch of options and did some research. Finally, after several different experiences (one of them being to review the public schools standardized test results!), my husband and I decided that we were going try homeschooling. Of course, I was petrified!

Now, homeschooling is its own awesome adventure. And actually life mission is something that’s talked about a lot in homeschooling circles because many of us, including me, were motivated to homeschool because we feel that our children have a special purpose in life. I felt that the educational system had failed my husband and I in terms life purpose and self-knowledge. We spent 15 years in a system and we still didn’t have a strong sense of self; we still didn’t know what we really wanted to do the rest of our lives. Some people are lucky and they discover themselves in spite of the broken system. That’s wonderful for them! But many many people don’t. So I just kept thinking that we had to figure out a way to help our children know who they are and what direction they’d like to head in their lives. I didn’t want their education to be a waste of time. Even though I knew there were gallons of things that I needed to learn (in fact, I didn’t even know what I didn’t know), this motivation was a catalyst for me and I started!

So I’m there and I’m thinking, “Okay, I’m going to embark on this new adventure. I’m scared to death! And the one thing that I do know is that I don’t know what I’m doing. So, I have got to get serious about getting as much information as I possibly can.” A lot of homeschoolers think this too. Homeschool conventions are very well attended because a lot of homeschooling parents feel that they need information. They go to conventions, listen to experts, take notes and gather loads of information. But I was a little more aggressive than that—I started studying a lot of books on my own.

I eventually found an online school program for myself and studied hard, in all my spare moments, because I recognized a couple important things:

    1. I recognized that I couldn’t give my children something I didn’t have.
    2. I recognized that they were going follow my example so I needed to set the example of enjoying the excitement and adventure of lifelong learning. 

Now, I want to ask you a really important question. If you don’t know the answer right now that’s perfectly okay. I believe it’s something important for you to ponder. I want to ask you:

Do you really believe in your heart that your children have a life mission?

If the answer to that question is yes or you think it’s probably yes or you even just hope that they do, then I’m going to recommend to you that you make the same choice that I made all those years ago. That you recognize, like I recognized, that even though life mission is exciting–it’s an adventure, it’s a purpose and it’s a driving force–but you don’t know how to discover and fulfill life mission. And if you don’t know how, then this is your opportunity to begin learning how!

     Just like I needed to learn what I didn’t know so that I could give to my children everything I wanted to give them.

     Just like I needed to set the example by doing something I told them they should do.

I would HIGHLY encourage you to get serious about life mission for yourself!

    1. Gain the information that you don’t have.
    2. Read The Mission Driven Life.
    3. Learn what these 7 Laws of Life Mission are. 
    4. Get into our Facebook community and start discussing life mission with other moms.
    5. Eventually, if you want to engage with us in the Academy, that would be fantastic too.

But recognize that if life mission is something that you feel is real and true, and if you want that for your children, then you need to get it for yourself! Because you probably don’t know a lot about what it means to engage in a mission driven life then I would encourage you to get started right now. Go grab the book, become part of the community and set the example for your children. Show them what it means to be on the adventure of life mission by being excited about it, learning about it and finding and fulfilling your own life mission – while they watch you. That way, they will feel motivated to do the same!