Why I Built the MDM Academy

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The MDM Academy is the culmination of 20 years of study, teaching, research and practice. Along the way I not only learned thoroughly the aspects of true principles but I discovered the 7 Laws of Life Mission in the lives of the great men and women I studied. It has become my deepest passion to collect all the best tools, readings and materials that prepare you to discover and fulfill your life mission and put them all in one place–giving you a shortcut on your own mission path!

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I spent over 15 years, actually it’s been almost 19 years now, trying to figure out what principles are, how they work, how to find them, how to live them, how to put my own life in order and how to overcome lifelong struggles and battles through the use of true principles. I wanted to know how to love myself better, how to figure out what my talents are, how to develop those, how to keep putting motherhood first, how to be a powerhouse mom. I wanted to know how to love God the right way, listen to Him and let His will come first. I realized that I needed to learn how to love humanity and what that means. I needed to understand history and worldviews and world religions, what makes people tick, what’s gone on in the world so that I could create principle-centered solutions.

I want to short-circuit that process for you. I want to give you the shortcut so that it won’t have to take you 19 years, it can take you just a few. That way, you can go right to the very best material that I’ve discovered and that others have helped me to discover. This will empower you to  get right to the best material and the most important concepts.

Through this Academy, you can learn what principles are and how to find them in the great works. Then you can learn how to take those principles and infuse them into your home life and and really love truth. You can also learn about yourself and what your gifts are. I promise you have them and I promise they can make a difference in the world with them. You’ll then learn all the leadership skills aspects of humanity  and the world that will enable you to generate principle-centered solutions and to really have positive impact!

This way, everybody wins! It’s NOT you sitting at home helicopter mommying all the time and the only people that have real needs and wants is everybody else. Or, you’re out there and your kids never see you and you’re saving the world while you lose your family.

We don’t want either of those! We want motherhood AND mission! We want to set the example for the little ones in our homes and raise a generation that will save the world–that will bless the world, change the world for the better, that will teach the world true principles and help them to heal and help them to come closer to God because that’s what it’s all about!