Insights On Discernment

Do you ever feel confused about who or what to believe?  News articles, sound bites and competing voices can leave your head spinning.  If you have felt this, you’re not alone.  As mothers, we desire greater discernment—especially when it comes to leading our families. 

In this podcast Audrey Rindlisbacher and Lindsey Wright discuss the 1st Annual MDM Celebration Event centered around the theme “Mothers of Discernment.”  You’ll hear the backstory behind the creation of the event,  details about the event itself, and why the MDM Celebration will support mothers in their quest for greater discernment.

“To become better mothers of discernment is our objective…wisdom, discipleship, knowledge, love, judgement, indoctrination, personal revelation, truth and principles are all part of the discussion of being a mother of discernment.We hope that you’ll join us.Anyone is invited to this event.You do not have to be an MDM Academy member to come…We’d love to see you there.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

*Learn more about the 1st Annual MDM Celebration Event and how you can dive deep into discernment with us this fall:

Listener’s Guide:

Use the time stamps below to skip to any part of the podcast. 

1:23  Why an MDM Celebration Event?
5:17  Why learn about discernment and what it really is?
9:10  Lindsey’s initial impressions about discernment
11:25  Deception is the opposite of discernment
13:27  How to gain a knowledge of truth
17:14  How discernment is connected to love
22:59  Why judgement is vital to discernment

Quotes from this episode:

“We’ve been asked to discern since Adam and Eve partook of fruit in the Garden.  They partook of the fruit and now they can discern between good and evil.  It goes way back…What’s the difference [between good and evil] and how do you find that?…One thing that stood out to me was that discernment involves action on our part.  We have to work for it.  We have to discern with the intention to act on what we learn.” ~Lindsey Wright

“Discernment is a form of discipline.  It’s disciplining our minds.  And when we love God, then we will have the desire and motivation to discipline our minds because He doesn’t want us to just be blind followers.  He wants us to know the truth, to know why it’s the truth, and not just because He said so, but because we love Him enough to be discerning, to discipline our hearts and our minds.  When we learn to discern better, it helps us to recognize His love and His divine design in the things we are studying or just coming across in our daily lives.” ~Lindsey Wright