Principles of Addiction In Action

When trying to resolve a problem with one of your children, have you ever felt something wasn’t quite right but weren’t sure how to discern what was really going on? Have you sometimes questioned yourself, your methods or the consequences you administer? Have you wondered if you were making a bigger deal of things than they need to be? Or worried that you weren’t taking their behavior seriously enough?

So have we! And while we can’t offer solutions to every one of the parenting problems you face, we can tell you that the 5 Triggers of Addiction have brought tremendous clarity to our parenting! Like us, you can experience the freedom that comes from seeing how the triggers of addiction are being manifest in you and your children. With this new perspective, you can learn to recognize them and apply their antidoteskeeping all of you focused on the real problems and solutions! 

As we teach these triggers and antidotes to our children and consistently point them out, we are all empowered to not only stay away from addiction, but to engage in responsible behavior and build quality relationships through living these simple truths. 

Listener’s Guide:

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1:49  The 5 Triggers of Addiction
2:49  Audrey’s experience with her daughter
11:08  Why it’s helpful to teach children principles before give in to the Triggers of Addiction
14:14  How to analyze a situation looking for The 5 Triggers
24:05  Why it’s crucial to help children see where their choices lead
26:14  How Suzuki handled the trigger of dishonesty
28:17  Why listening to conscience keeps us out of addiction

Quotes from this episode:

“Teach your children the principles before you have the parenting and disciplining moment so that you can return to those truths and they won’t think that you’re making something up on the spot.  It’s so critical for them because [then] they can see those [principles] in action in their lives.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

“To deceive oneself is worse than to deceive others.” ~Leo Tolstoy

“The voice of conscience is the voice of God.” ~Leo Tolstoy

“I determined to live according to these ideas!” ~Shinichi Suzuki

“Look at these triggers, think about them, teach them to your children and recognize them over and over again in the situations that you run into in your parenting experiences so your children will be empowered to understand where giving into the triggers would lead them.  That they don’t want to go there and that’s a life they don’t want to have.  That they have the power to stay in truth and to experience the joy and the self-acceptance and self-love that comes from really living and abiding in truth all the time.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

Chart from this Episode:

Trigger                         Antidote

Resentment               Forgiveness

Selfishness                 Service

Self-pity                      Gratitude

Dishonesty                 Honesty

Fear                               Faith

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