The Quickest Shortcut to Principle Centered Living You’re Ever Going To Get!

“Our culture is moving further and further away from principles and truth. What we really ultimately hope to give you, and to build and create, is a community that has the power to shift the culture. We do that by beginning with shifting the culture in our homes and raising principle-centered children. But we also do that by reaching out into our communities and building bridges through emphasizing that there are fundamental truths that can unify us all.

And all of that begins with empowering every mom with a clear understanding of true principles and how to apply them in her life.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

Are you ready for the fast track to a principled life?! HERE IT IS!

This fall you have the opportunity to gather in Dallas, TX with other moms just like you–truth seekers who want to build a strong family culture centered on principles–and spend an entire day gleaning all the most important concepts, ideas, and tools that Audrey and her team have gathered in over 20 years of research, study, and teaching!

Do NOT pass up this unique and one-time chance to be mentored, inspired, and trained in the ability to pierce the confusion and identify the principles. Not only that, you’ll be armed with skills for implementing those principles in your daily life and enjoying the abundant blessings that always follow principles.

Listener’s Guide:

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1:16 – Welcome and introduction of Julie, Tracie, Lindsey, and Audrey
2:17 – When, how, why did you begin learning about principles?
12:57 – How have principles changed your life?
23:05 – What insights have you had as you’ve been preparing for the event?
30:43 – What would you tell someone who thinks this is too hard, too intellectual, or too abstract?
35:40 – What excited you the most about this event?

Quotes from this episode:

“We make rules, but we don’t make principles.” ~ Lindsey Wright

His settled convictions were as a dike against those invading waters of novel opinion – social, political, and otherwise – which carried away, as in a torrent, no few minds, in those days; minds by nature not inferior to his own.” ~ Herman Melville, Billie Bud

“I realized that I was lacking something, I just didn’t know how to think when I was confronted with different ideas and different opinions. I just wanted a way to find a way through that and I knew I desperately needed it.” ~ Tracie Hyde

“Natural law is a way to bring people together; to connect us at our core.” ~ Audrey Rindlisbacher

“It’s been  my passion to try to govern my life according to principles. I wanted to discover what they are and build a framework that can be communicated clearly to give other people tools for the discovery and utilization of true principles at the most basic, easiest level possible.” ~ Audrey Rindlisbacher

“I got so much clarity by asking better questions and focusing on the outcome that I want and then connecting that to some principles and first principles.” ~ Lindsey Wright

“Once you understand the principles and the outcome then it’s really clear what the next step is.” ~ Lindsey Wright

“Now I have a way forward. I have a way to act because principles have given me something specific to do – a direction to act that I didn’t know before.” ~ Tracie Hyde

“The role that each of these types play, from natural law to first principles, principles, and applications, is in helping us to clarify our vision and to figure out the what, the why, and the how, to move forward.” ~ Audrey Rindlisbacher

“They change the way I think about myself and the way I think about the world. They give me hope…They help me get clear.” ~ Audrey Rindlisbacher

“They create long-term solutions and peace.” ~ Audrey Rindlisbacher

“When we ask the five types of questions that’s what helps keep us focused on finding principles, articulating them and applying them.” ~ Tracie Hyde

“Just understanding this framework, that there is truth, and we can know it, and we can act on it to solve our problems – it changes everything. We’re here to make that a little easier.” ~ Lindsey Wright

“We can’t afford not to know this stuff and we can’t afford not to teach our children.” ~ Lindsey Wright

“It’s like coming and picking up our sword and shield because I think knowing how to think like this protects us and our families.” ~ Tracie Hyde


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