Who Are You?

Have you ever considered that the way you talk to yourself about yourself might actually not be true? Have you ever caught yourself speaking about yourself in reference to a fault or weakness like, “I’m not good with people” or “I’m not a morning person” or “I hate exercising?” As if these habits were part of who you are!

Recently Nir Eyal put a new spin on this negative self-talk most of us engage in by asking us to reframe our identity around small life-time commitments. He challenges us, in fact, to become not experts but AMATEURS! Rather than trying to be spectacular at everything, we move slowly but consistently toward a more happy, fulfilling life.

Listen to this podcast to discover the simple but profound way you can reframe how you see yourself, build your confidence and feel much more successful RIGHT NOW!

Listener’s Guide:

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1:40  How we define ourselves
7:38  The price to become a truth seeker
12:16  Decision fatigue
16.21  The power of becoming an amateur
20:39  How small commitments become part of our new identity
26:34  A new frame of reference

Quotes from this episode:

“Instead of wishing you could ‘Be like Mike’, you need to focus on and enjoy the small everyday tasks in order to accomplish those long-standing stubborn goals such as ‘I need to exercise more’. In short, you need to become an amateur.  An amateur is a consistent practitioner of a healthful habit.  The amateur practices a behavior because they enjoy it and it becomes part of their identity.” ~Nir Eyal

“In fact, even goals such as consistently exercising and eating right are too big for the budding amateur. You have to break them down into much smaller actions to form new habits.” ~Nir Eyal

“To begin forming new habits, we need to find a MEA, a Minimal Enjoyable Action.  A MEA is a behavior, which is so easy and enjoyable, that we do it virtually without effort, and most importantly, we can do it consistently.” ~Nir Eyal

Link to the article from this episode:

Forming New Habits: Train to be an Amateur, Not an Expert

Link to the video from this episode:

“How to Break the Bad Habits”