10 Steps to Presenting Your Principles Persuasively

“If the conversation is worth having, it’s worth doing right.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher 

We LOVE principles! We know they matter and we desperately want to share them with those we love.

But… sharing principles can be tricky! When wanting to share the truths we’ve learned, we might be asking ourselves: How do I know I’m right? How much should I say? What if they won’t listen? What if it hurts our relationship?

Yet, we should actually be asking ourselves: Is it my place to be talking to them? Are my motives pure or am I trying to “fix” them? Do we have the kind of relationship that makes it possible for them to hear and accept what I’m sharing?  Do I understand the principle and live it well enough? 

In this podcast, Audrey as she shares 10 Steps that will help you determine the what, when, where and how of sharing the principles you love with the people you love! 

Listener’s Guide:

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Quotes from this episode:

“No amount of good behavior can make up for how you truly feel about someone. Get your heart in the right place.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

“Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” ~Theodore Roosevelt

Everyone hates a hypocrite. Make sure your life is in harmony with what you want to teach.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher 

“[Make] direct amends…wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.” ~Alcoholics Anonymous

“Check in with your stewardship. It’s not always your place to say anything.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

“Nobody wants your advice unless they ask for it, and even then, they usually don’t want it.”~Audrey Rindlisbacher’s mom

Be prepared to be ignored: even Jesus couldn’t convince everyone.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher 

“Stories are the most powerful and memorable thing you can share. When they remember the story, they remember the principle.”~Audrey Rindlisbacher 

“Show up humble and vulnerable.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher 

“If the conversation is worth having, it’s worth doing right.”~Audrey Rindlisbacher 

“Faith is based on evidence. Evidence weighs in favor of truth.”~Audrey Rindlisbacher

“The most powerful thing we can do for anyone is to ask the right question at the right time.”~Audrey Rindlisbacher 

“Because we are creators by nature, when we’re asked a good question it can have more power than almost anything else.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher 

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