Stuck In Your Hero’s Journey?

“There is an exhilaration in knowing who you are. ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

The first time I learned about “The Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell, I was blown away. It was everywhere! The idea that there was a form for the way the best stories are told – across time and culture – spoke to how similar we really are as humans.

But for me, it was much bigger than that. My question was: WHY? Why do we tell the same kinds of stories, century after century, and why are these stories made up of the same components? Why do our best stories talk of “calls,” “departures,” “trials,” and “treasures”? What is it about these kinds of stories that evoke our imagination and resonate with us so much? 

I believe it is because we are identifying with the Adventure of Self-Discovery. Deep down inside all of us want to grow and learn and become more than we are. “The Hero’s Journey” reminds us of what that path looks like, that we need to say “Yes” to the call in order to begin the growth process, and that although the way will be full of obstacles and hardships the pay-off will be well worth the struggle

In this podcast, I explore “The Hero’s Journey” using stories of those who have rejected and those who have accepted the call. I look at why we reject the call and remind us all of some of the treasures we can obtain if we accept it. I also encourage you, if you’ve heard the call of self-discovery – through an MDM program or other opportunity – and you’ve rejected the call, or you’ve hesitated on your journey, to ask yourself “Why”? And begin again on the adventure of your own self-discovery, knowing you won’t be disappointed

Listener’s Guide:

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2:39           Introduction to Andrew Young
4:38           The Heor’s Journey/The Adventure of Self-Discovery
10:00         The turning Point

13:51          Leadership, Martin Luther King, and Non-violence
14:44         A New Chapter in Life

18:11          A Changed Man and Politics
21:53         Your Call to Self-discovery
30:10         Why Do We Do It
34:48         If You Are Stuck…

Quotes from this episode:

“Andrew, if you ever forget that under that sheet is a child of God you need to quit preaching.” ~Jean Childs Young

“We are like any growing thing, going to experience resistance, pain, trials, and tests. A flower has to burst out of its seed, push against the soil, and spring up above the earth. It has to put down roots, weather the rain and storms. It is always pushing, that’s what makes it strong. It grows by pushing through the resistance. That is how we are fashioned, it’s what we are meant to do. ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

“Why do we do it? Partly because that is what we are made to do. Partly because it is what makes life worth living. Partly because that’s the only way we’re really going to know ourselves. But mostly, we do it for the reward, the pay off – of who we will become, and the people we will bless.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

“There is an exhilaration in knowing who you are. ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

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