The 7 Law Series: Law 2, Principle 2

As we move forward on our journey toward life mission, loving ourselves is an absolutely critical foundational piece because, honestly, how can we truly love others if we aren’t loving God and ourselves? Now that we have learned the first principle of loving ourselves–recognizing and meeting our real needs–we are ready for the second: Disciplining Our Heart and Mind!

In this podcast, Audrey outlines 7 Tools for gaining increased self-mastery through disciplining your mind and disciplining your heart. 

Listener’s Guide:

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1:50       Definition of Discipline
3:20      Make Yourself Mind Yourself
4:38      Discipline the Mind

6:02      Step One – Develop Your Reason and Logic
12:49    Step Two – Control Your Thoughts
16:16     Step Three – Set Goals and Envision Them
18:27    Discipline the Heart
18:30    Step One – Stay Out of Victim Mode
22:19     Step Two –  Control Your Emotions
24:46    Step three – Forgive Yourself and Others
26:47    Step Four – Practice Patience
30:10    Recap

Quotes from this episode:

Anyone who has done any thinking, even a little bit, knows that it is hard work, in fact, the very hardest work that human beings are ever called to do. ” ~Mortimer Adler

“I stand and work in the world as one who aims at making men and women morally better by making them think.” ~Albert Schweitzer

“Nobody’s life circumstances are perfect. But what are we telling ourselves about those circumstances?” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

“You are the controller of your happiness or your unhappiness…Yet, learning to be a happy, adjusted, productive, and attractive person cannot be done for you. Your therapist can’t do it for you. Your doctor can’t do it for you. Your husband can’t do it for you. They can’t push a button and presto, you’re no longer depressed or anxious. It takes work on your part to be happy.” ~Bachus & Chapian

Patience may spring from constitutional fortitude, from a kind of heroic pride, or from Christian submission to the divine will…Patience is a calm temper which bears evils without murmuring…Patience is the act or quality of waiting long for justice or expected good without discontent.” ~1828 Dictionary

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