What I Do When There Is Nothing I Can Do

At the end of a tough Covid-19 year, we have all struggled with things that feel out of our control. Societal issues like quarantines, riots, illness, contentious debates, and even fraud have caused even the best of us frustration and heartache. Often these were compounded by personal challenges such as job loss, struggling children, and lack of community connection. Unfortunately, most of these trials have felt like they were imposed on us by others. We didn’t ask for these troubles! It can feel so unfair and overwhelming. 

When we face situations like these, that bring us pain or frustration and seem as though there is nothing we can do about them, is there anything we can do?

Join Audrey this week as she shares what she does when there’s nothing she can do. Listen to the daily practices which nourish her hope, courage, and faith. Learn with her those actions you can begin taking now which will empower you to move forward with increased optimism and love as you face your own personal challenges.  

Listener’s Guide:

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5:07        What the Title Means
9:12        What Doesn’t Work
9:55        The Time Required

11:12        Responses Can be a Lesson
13:17       Prayer, Written Prayers, Prayer Journal
22:31      Positive Images in Our Minds

26:52      Watch Your Language
28:01      Truth Statements
28:44      Daily Gratitude
29:18       Scripture Reading
30:19       Listen To/Read Faith building Content
31:23       Remember You Can Only Control You
31:39       Work on Your Way of Being
31:53       Remember It’s Not About You
32:44      Focus on your Goals and Dreams

35:27       Visualize
37:33       Voice Memos
38:05      Meet Your Needs
39:00      Success Story 1
45:03       Success Story 2

Quotes from this episode:

“Your expectation must have a clearly defined objective. Lot’s of people get nowhere simply because they do not know where they want to go. They have no clear cut, precisely defined purpose. You cannot expect the best if you think aimlessly.” ~Norman Vincent Peale

“I believe that if you want to get somewhere, you must decide definitely where you want to be or what you want to accomplish. Be sure it is a right objective, then photograph this objective on your mind and hold it there. Work hard, believe in it, and the thought will become so powerful that it will tend to assure success. There is a deep tendency to become what your mind pictures, provided you hold the mental picture, and if the objective is sound.” ~Norman Vincent Peale

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