Principles that Rescued Us in 2020

“Telling myself the truth was my guiding light.” ~Heidi Mathews

At The Mission Driven Mom, we make a big deal about principles. We know that principles are timeless, absolute truths that can guide us through hard times, show us how to change for the better, and make our way in life a little bit smoother. We work hard to make the concepts of natural law, first principles, and principles as clear as possible. We know that one of the key reasons we are floundering as individuals, as families, as communities, and as a nation is precisely because we have lost touch with true principles and their enlightening and healing power. 

In this podcast, Audrey and a few of the MDM Clapham Leadership Team members look back at the principles that came to their rescue in 2020. Join them as they share how truths they learned through The Mission Driven Mom programs and courses empowered them to overcome the trials they faced–bringing them the peace of mind and heart they so desperately needed. 

As you listen, ponder the principles in your life own that aid you in times of trouble and consider what new truths you could learn and live in 2021 that would make it your best year yet!

Listener’s Guide:

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2:15           Introduction of Ashley Mecham, member of the Leadership Team
3:31          Introduction of Heidi Mathews, member of the Leadership Team
7:16          What to Expect in the Facebook Group in 2021

12:30       How Truth Statements Conquered Negativity and Lightened the Load – Audrey Rindlisbacher
16:41       How Habit, Routine, and Structure Rescued the Family – Ashley Mecham
18:26       How Telling Ourselves the Truth Set the Tone for the Year – Heidi Mathews

22:06       The Power of Remembering Truth – Audrey Rindlisbacher
24:1 1       Super Woman vs Values and What is Essential 

Quotes from this episode:

“… where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” 2 Corinthians 3:17 Holy Bible

“The truth shall make you free.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher’s Family Mission Statement 

“I made it a priority to do truth statements every single day…What I didn’t expect was that eventually, I didn’t have to lean so heavily on them. Over time the burden [of negativity] got lighter and lighter and the truth became louder than the lies. It was liberating!” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher

“The fact that we had routines already in place and that we could keep these routines and habits saved our sanity. The structure helped us not spiral down into negativity.” ~Ashley Mecham 

Telling myself the truth was my guiding light. We do need to help each other and I am worthy of help. Telling the truth rescued me.” ~Heidi Mathews

I had to cut some big things out of my life to make room for myself because I had nothing left to give. Choosing between two really good things, those are the hardest choices. But I needed to get to the essential things I needed to be doing. ” ~Lindsey Wright

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